Jackson Hole Day One: The Grand Teton Awaits

The Grand Teton

Today marks the first day of an adventure that I have been training for and planning for over a year. In a few days, I’ll (hopefully) be climbing the Grand Teton here in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with my brother and two friends. In an effort to document our trip while it is fresh in my mind and to share some of the experiences with those that aren’t able to be out here with us, I’ll be posting some photos and thoughts to the blog over the next few days. Although today was spent in large part traveling from our respective homes to the pristine mountain sanctuary of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the four of us did manage to squeeze in a late lunch and celebrate our arrival in the Tetons with a frothy libation at the Mangy Moose.

Lunch @ the Mangy Moose

We followed up lunch with a quick 3.2 mile round trip hike to Taggart Lake before some mountain thunderstorms blew in. The hike to the lake was relatively flat but considering we’ll be subjecting ourselves to more strenuous activity over the next few days, we all felt it was prudent to get out and get the blood pumping. Along the trail, we encountered a mother moose and her offspring feasting on some of the local greenery.

Moose on the way to Taggart Lake

Our arrival at the lake was marked by some ominous looking clouds and a fantastic view of the Grand Teton.

As the weather blew in, we decided to drive to the Jackson Lake Lodge and enjoy a milkshake while admiring the rest of the Teton range.

All in all, today was a great first day in the mountains that has left us all exhausted but nonetheless fervently awaiting the week that is to come. I couldn’t be more excited about the people I’m here with or our goals for the week.

The Grand

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