Jackson Hole Day Two: A Wildlife Extravaganza in Yellowstone

Heading to Yellowstone

Day two in the Jackson Hole area marked a plethora of animal sightings. After waking up and feasting upon scrambled eggs and bacon, the four of us headed up to Yellowstone National Park for some sightseeing and hiking.


On the way up to Yellowstone, we encountered a few moose, some elk, a bear, and later in the day we saw a gargantuan water buffalo.  I’ve been on a fair number of hikes and outdoor trips before and haven’t encountered this much wildlife at any point, so I think it’s safe to say that we were blessed to see such a variety of animals at such close proximity.  It’s always humbling to observe these powerful animals in their natural habitat and today was no exception.

Bear Sighting!

In Yellowstone, we saw a few of the geyser basins (including Old Faithful) and the paint pots and then hiked out to Riddle Lake.  After tiptoeing past two enormous male elk relaxing in the woods, we dipped our toes in the lake and headed back to the car.

Arriving at Riddle Lake

Driving back from Yellowstone, we stopped at a few different places to admire the view of the Tetons and the Snake River.  Here’s my take on one of Ansel Adams’ best shots:

After a long day of activity, we decided to wind down with a delicious and indulgent dinner at Sudachi, where Bryan Iguchi served us up some incredibly fresh and delicious sushi.  Bryan is an awesome guy, great sushi chef and incredible snowboarder and I would definitely recommend that anyone interested in very high quality sushi pay him a visit at Sudachi.  Despite being Jordan’s first time eating sushi, he tried a number of sashimi plates and also ordered a seaweed salad. Hopefully all that sushi consumption will serve us well during our first day of multi-pitch climbing training tomorrow morning.

Happily stuffed after a delicious night of sushi

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