Some thoughts for intern[1]

As many of those who I’ve met in the NYC tech community may know, I’ve acquired the name intern zero (i[0], IZ or intern[0] for short) during my stint at this summer. It’s a term of endearment (right guys?), and one that I’ll sorely miss.  Now that my summer is coming to close, it’s time for me to return to Cornell to continue to focus on my MBA.

Spending my summer with the team was an incredible experience, and exposed me to a ton of elements of early stage startups that I’d never seen before.  When next summer rolls around, I know the guys at will still be firing on all cylinders, so they’ll probably be in need of some more interns.  While none of them will have the illustrious title of i[0], I’d like to offer some words about my experience to intern[1] and beyond.

  1. Be ready to take ownership.  Though you will undoubtedly perform some “intern" tasks such as washing Dan’s feet, being Myles’ wingman, and performing tricks for treats, most of your internship will be largely what you make of it.  Meet with anyone and everyone you can, and ask for help if you need it.  I’ve worked a corporate job for the past 4 years and it took me a while to get into the rhythm of planning my own day. Thankfully, I got to build my “dream" internship, and you will too. Just be ready for it.
  2. Keep a balanced attitude.  Startups are an emotional rollercoaster.  Days at Shelby are far more often good than bad, but any startup has an ebb and flow and when people aren’t “in the zone" it requires a team that is self aware enough to put things back on track.  I’m proud of have been part of a team that was able to do this really well and I hope that subsequent interns are able to help in a similar fashion.
  3. Get ready to work with some of the best people you’ve ever met.  This isn’t a job that you go to and then go home from. You’ll hang out on weekends, eat late night dinners together at the office, andhave some hilarious and crazy experiences together. I got to know the team pretty well this summer and they’re some of the best people I’ve met. The emotional experience of building something together (even as a non-engineer) is better than almost any feeling I’ve experienced, so give it 110% and immerse yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

Though my formal summer internship with the team is over, I’m still engaged in planning (GO SIGN UP NOW!) and will be working with the team on odds and ends over the next few weeks.  

To Reece, Dan, Myles & Henry - thanks for giving me this awesome opportunity, pushing me to take ownership and make stuff happen for Shelby.  It’s been incredible to work with people that are so passionate, considerate and intelligent. You have set the standard for the kind of workplace environment I strive to be a part of.  See you in NYC very soon.

To the New York Tech community, TechStars teams, and all those that I’ve met this summer - thank you for welcoming me into your world.  New York has an undeniable energy about it and I was really struck by the commitment that everyone here has to making this city a force to be reckoned with (congrats to the GroupMe guys for a step in that direction!).  I can’t wait to finish up school and get back to be part of building that with you all.