FAKEGRIMLOCK is a pretty cool dude.

Recently, the real @FAKEGRIMLOCK sat down with The Next Web to talk about why he does what he does:

"It’s a proof of concept, it’s to prove a theory. And it’s to prove that who you are doesn’t matter. In fact, truth requires that you aren’t anyone, because if you’re someone, whatever you say is always biased. It’s influenced by what you know about that person…

…So the reason I have to be just a character is that there is no anything else. The words are just the words. And the words are funny and they are ridiculous, but they’re true. And the ridiculousness is to disarm you, so you forget even further. Forget what’s wrapped around it, forget your preconceived notions, forget what you think is going on, just listen to the words. Because I very, very purposefully craft those words to be hard to understand because I want you to stop and think about them. And by stopping and thinking about them, they get past all these filters. I’m completely hacking the social channel that we all rely on."

It’s great to see another pseudonym garner some serious attention from the press and so succinctly explain why he has chosen to remain anonymous.  

moot has some great thoughts on the importance of supporting pseudonyms and anonymity within internet services.  I agree with him that providing the option for pseudonyms can really help make the internet a more powerful tool for expression. If you haven’t seen moot talk about this sort of stuff, here’s a great primer:

A few people have heard that I was lucky enough to have beers with The Grimster down at SXSW and chat about what he’s up to IRL.  Many have asked me about what the “real" GRIMLOCK is like. Honestly, I have to say that he didn’t reveal too much more than he has revealed to his fanbase online.  He could be a super famous VC/entrepreneur, a serial killer, a concert pianist, or just a regular dude (I have no idea).  To moot’s point in the video above, I don’t think much of that is really the point (well…maybe the serial killer bit does…). We just have to laugh and enjoy how FAKEGRIMLOCK chooses to express himself… OR ELSE!

For more FAKEGRIMLOCK goodness, check out projectGOATS.com for some great interviews. And moot, if you read this, I think it would be awesome for you to interview FAKEGRIMLOCK…