Product Thursdays

Ever since I was a kid, I spent hours clicking around on computers, obsessed with learning the ins and outs of whatever OS, application, or web product I discovered at the time. I remember when I got my first Windows laptop after years of using a Mac, I explored every little system setting and tweaked ini files so I could get an experience that was exactly what I wanted. Over time, this obsession with technology guided me to study CS in college and subsequently work in tech.

Though I have experience interacting with consumers (at Shelby) and businesses (at McKesson) using vastly different kinds of tech products, I have relatively modest training (other than my hands-on experience) on the fundamentals that inform great product design and the process required to effectively manage larger product teams.  In my effort to become more well-versed in the history and community of the product, I thought I’d start a weekly post on product to share my findings with the Internet.

Thus begins Product Thursdays. If there’s stuff you’d love to see, drop me an email with a suggestion!  Otherwise, here’s a list of where I’ll probably head with this:

  1. Product Resources - What are some great sources for learning/self-study about product design?
  2. Product Process - What companies are known for building awesome products and how do they do it?
  3. Product Examples - What are the best examples of products that I’m currently enjoying and why do I think they’re awesome?