Wireframing for Noobs (MBAs too!)

One of the longstanding jokes in business school is that MBAs think in PowerPoint. In the startup world, people don’t often think in PowerPoint - they think in code.  So what’s the easiest way to bridge that gap?

Don’t try and be something you’re not (unless you actually want to learn how to code). Instead, use the skills you have/are good at and put them to good use. Think you’ve got a great idea for a product but can’t build it with code? Build it with PowerPoint or Keynote.

Clickable prototypes save a ton of time in the design process and you can get your ideas in front of people quickly to test whether or not they’re valid. Keynote works on iPads too, so if you’re looking to build a mobile app, you can do it in Keynote AND test it on iPads with real users.  I’ve been doing this lately and I love it.

No more excuses. JFBI, even if it is in Keynote.