Earlier this summer, I left Samsung NEXT Ventures.

I am deeply appreciative of the Founders that took a chance on working with me at Samsung. I am still relatively new to VC and choosing to work me was a decision I do not take lightly (nor one that I will forget).

It is common for people who announce they are leaving a job to drum up excitement and mystery around their next endeavor. I can safely say that this point that is not my intention here - I am headed into unexplored territory. I don’t know what I’m doing next, and I’m enjoying being deep in the thick of figuring out what the next chapter holds for me. The pandemic has been at times a brutal daily reminder of what matters, and that there is a finite time each of us has on this earth. I plan to spend mine as wisely as I can.

Despite many uncertainties, I do know that I am hopeful about what next phase of the internet will hold. I remain enthralled at the power of the internet and technology to provide creators of all types with new sources of creative and economic power. The crypto landscape is moving at a breakneck pace with the explosion of DeFi companies. The future of gaming has never been more exciting (for players and game developers). There is an incredible new generation of founders cutting their teeth in the middle of this pandemic. Even VC as a business is fundamentally shifting toward something that I think will yield better alignment between founders, employees, investors, and LPs. Opportunity abounds.

Whatever I do end up doing next, I will be spending my time in the areas above. If you are a friend (via URL or IRL) or someone who is spending their time in similar ways, please reach out as I explore what is next for me.