Though I’ve learned a lot through experience, I’m inspired by those that have paved the way. Here’s a list of some reading and resources that I have found helpful (including a few things I’ve written to answer common questions I get).

For investors & founders

For product managers

I keep a list of product management templates that include things like product requirements docs, sample user stories and more on Github. Check them out here.

Here is some of my favorite reading about building products:

For those who are interested in how I consume information

I use Instapaper and Feedbin (both consumed via Reeder on iOS) to source interesting reading from all over the web. My system is relatively straightforward and requires only one app for consumption while pulling info from a variety of newsletters and online sources of interest. I’ll probably write more about how I consume information at a later date, or maybe even publish my OPML here if people are interested in learning more.

I keep track of what I read using GoodReads. One of my favorite books is Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.